How do You Protect Your Credit During a Divorce?

CreditWhen you are going through divorce, you may think of many important aspects in your life, from child custody determinations to how you will divide assets with your spouse. But did you think of every important aspect in your life? What about your credit? Many people forget how divorce can affect their credit, which is why we want to draw attention to the issue today. Your credit score can determine many of the vital aspects in your life, from renting a house in the future to loans you’ll be able to take out one day. Today we will show you how to protect yourself for the future.

How You Can Handle Your Joint Debts 

If you want to get a clear idea of your joint debts and put them in order, you should always order your credit report for more info. When you have your credit report available in front of you, you will be able to see debts that belong to both you and your spouse as well as the debts that only belong to you. Some of the joint things you may own together include mortgages, home equity credit, and more. It is important to find out what assets you share before you move forward with the divorce.

Closing Joint Accounts and Staying Updated  

If your bank accounts together don’t have an account balance, they should be closed so that nothing is taken out in your name and held against you further down the line. If your account has an outstanding balance, you should request a freeze on the account to prevent your spouse from possibly charging anything to the account and putting you in debt. Joint bank accounts are considered marital assets that can be subject to division in divorce, which means that you will probably be splitting the money in the account evenly when it is shut down.

Start Building Your Credit by Yourself

Credit is something that you can gain on your. It is a known fact that applying for credit is easiest during your marriage rather than after divorce, so try to get your own credit card before the divorce is finalized. We can help you with every aspect of your divorce, including finances. Call us today.