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businessman holding mini house and Us dollars, shallow dofDivision of property during a divorce is often difficult and emotional. Whether you agree on dividing property civilly or you and your spouse cannot agree on who gets what, our California divorce attorneys can help you balance your legal, emotional and financial interests.

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Community vs. Separate Property

When it comes to a California divorce, a wide range of things qualify as “property,” including:

  • Homes
  • Cars
  • Furniture
  • Clothing
  • Bank accounts
  • Cash
  • Security deposits on apartments
  • Pension plans
  • 401(k) plans
  • Stocks
  • Life insurance (that has cash value)
  • Businesses
  • Patents

The joys of moving from one place to another. A young girl hugs her bunny as her bedroom is packed upThe state of California is a “community property state,” meaning that a marriage or domestic partnership makes a couple one legal “community.” Therefore, any property—or debt—acquired during the marriage or partnership is shared between the two parties. Essentially, you can tell if property is “community property” by looking at the source of money used to buy it; if the purchase money was earned during the course of the marriage, it is most likely community property.

Similarly, any debt accrued during the course of the marriage belongs equally to both parties—even if only one spouse incurred the debt. For example, say your spouse buys a new car and incurs $70,000 in debt. Even if you did not have any hand in the purchase, that debt still belongs equally to both of you in the event of a divorce.

On the other hand, any property you acquired before your marriage is separate property and is legally yours to keep after a divorce. You are also legally entitled to any gifts or inheritances you have received, even if they came at some point during the marriage.

Property Division and California Law

Couple Paying BillsUnder California law, community property must be divided equally. However, that is not to say that every item must be divided equally. The goal is to give each spouse an equal net value. For example, say you have a house, a car, and $40,000 of credit card debt to split between the two of you. In order to strike a balance, one spouse could take the house and the credit card debt (or at least a much larger share of it), and the other could take the car.

If you and your spouse can come to an agreement about the division of your community property, it can speed up the process immensely. If you are both able to agree what should go where, you can simply put it into a written agreement (with the help of a family law attorney), which will become legally binding once signed by a judge.

If you and your spouse are not able to agree on how to divide community property, there are a few different options available to you. If you are able to agree about some things and not others, you can put the agreed-upon elements into an agreement and have it approved by a judge, similar to the process described above. Then you can use mediation, arbitration, traditional litigation, or another form of dispute resolution to figure out the remaining issues.

If you are unable to agree on any element of property division, you can either consult a mediator or take it straight to court, depending on your relationship with the other party. However, it is important to keep in mind that dividing property in court will most likely result in a less favorable outcome; the judge does not know your relationship or financial situation nearly as well as you do, so it is in your best interest to figure out as much of the specifics out of court as possible.

Our lawyers will first try to help you and your spouse come to a mutually satisfactory agreement about property division through mediation or other alternative dispute resolution techniques. If that is not possible, experienced trial attorneys and we vigorously protect your rights in family court.

Division of Complex Property

As experienced California family law attorneys, we understand the issues that arise when the property at stake is more than your house, car, or CD collection. We can help you with the division of complex property, including:

  • Long-term community debt
  • Medical and legal practices
  • Division of retirement accounts and pensions
  • Family-owned businesses (business valuation and dissolution)
  • Second homes and other real estate interests
  • Military pensions and veteran’s benefits

Soheila Azizi & Associates, P.C. can help with difficult property division issues, such as finding debts or assets hidden by your spouse before or during your marriage, as well as “quasi-community property,” which is property acquired by one or both spouses when living in another state.

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Division of property can be one of the most contentious and emotional parts of a divorce. The Law Office of Soheila Azizi & Associates P.C. is committed to making this part of the process as simple and straightforward as possible. Call Soheila Azizi & Associates, P.C. at (909) 484-9992 or contact us online to schedule your initial consultation today. We are proud to be your law firm for life.

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