We Answer Some of Your Biggest Mediation Questions

As mediators who want you to have the best results in your case, we want to help you through the process from every aspect. You may have questions about mediation that have not been answered when you did prior research or talked to mediators yourself. We can answer these questions to help you understand your case as much as possible before you speak to us firsthand. We want to prepare you for your divorce in every way possible.

Mediation Questions

I’m not sure if a divorce mediator is right for me. Why shouldn’t I handle my case on my own? Going through divorce alone is not the best idea when you have family and asset matters to figure out. Experienced divorce mediators are made for the job, able to ensure hat you end up with a fair and reasonable agreement in the most affordable way for both of you. If there are obstacles you have not yet agreed on, a mediator will help you get to the bottom of these issues.

Is there a difference in time between divorce and mediation methods? Yes. Divorce litigation could take a year or more from start to finish, depending on what issues are involved. The most complicated issues will, of course, take the longest. If you choose mediation, you may find settlement within a time span of a few months or shorter.

Will mediation help with custody issues? Of course, many issues can be mediated. You and your spouse may be able to agree on a legally-binding parenting plan to resolve any of the issues that have become apparent in your custody case.

Past attorneys have told me I should skip mediation and go straight to litigation. Is this a good idea? Other attorneys may not understand the valuable services that mediations can provide for you and your family. Proceedings in court could last for months or years, with contempt petitions, costly litigation, and so much more as your private life becomes public. You will find the best agreements for you and your loved ones through mediation, so consider this option today.

Are you convinced that mediation may actually be the right decision for you? Sometimes, depending on the circumstances of your case, mediation may be the most peaceful and cost-effective way to come to a conclusion about your case. We can help. Call us today to find out how we can help with your mediation case and what we will do for you.