The Other Parent Kidnapped our Child and left the Country. What Can I Do?

If your child is at risk of being taken out of the country by the other parent, it is very important that Child Custody Agreement be established. Get a Family Law Attorney to help you get a judge to sign off on the terms.

International Parental Kidnapping

Federal law prohibits a parent from removing a child from the United States or retaining a child in another country with intent to obstruct another parent´s custodial rights.” For example if there is a couple in the United States and they have a child together, and after they find they cannot remain a coupe and raise the child together, if there is some dispute and the mother decides to leave the country to just sold keep the child away from the father this is called International Parental Kidnapping.

This is a crime, if one parent is found guilty of Parental Kidnapping they can face up to 3 years in prison.

Child Victims of Parental Kidnapping

During any kind of dispute, whether it be form a divorce or a separation and there are children involved things can get overwhelming. Some children are taken to an unfamiliar place, hidden from friends and family, at times even taken out of school. All of this just to keep the other parent from having any kind of communication or relationship with there child.

Get help locally

If you find yourself with a parent who has treated to take your child to another country, or has done it before get help from a family law attorney. Get a child custody agreement, and visitation schedule. Ensure that your child continues to grow up in a safe environment.

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