Moving Your Spouse’s Personal Belongings in Divorce

Moving and DivorceEven when you are going through a peaceful divorce with your spouse, you may wonder how to handle issues that can sometimes get out of hand – such as moving your spouse’s possessions out of the home. Sometimes, after events like these (especially if they are not handled carefully), you can find that your peaceful divorce turns into something bitter and long.

Taking a Closer Look at Property

A term called “personalty” comes into play in divorces, which is everything that you have accumulated during your lifetime, such as gifts from others, down to the shoes on your feet. It can include personal things like the computer or DVDs in your household. When divorce occurs, a spouse is entitled to retain their own personalty, unless remarkable value is involved, such as with a car. This especially comes true when the item was originally bought with marital funds. When you and your spouse are on speaking terms, it becomes easy to sit down and discuss marital assets and what are being done with them.

When you are working on dividing property with your spouse, sometimes it pays to sit down and start making lists. You should make a list of everything you want, and then sit down with your spouse to review each other’s lists to determine if they include anything that shouldn’t be there. Some personalty may be disagreed upon, and sometimes you can make up on this by agreeing to purchase a second item from joint funds. Sometimes, replacing items isn’t worth the fight when everything else is going smoothly, and you will find this out.

The last step is figuring out how you’re going to give the possessions to your spouse. You can box everything up according to the list, and drop it off at the new residence. You could ask your spouse to come over and gather everything up themselves. How you want to go about it depends on you and your interests. If you find yourself in the midst of the divorce process and need our help, give us a call today. We can help you through this process and hopefully make it easier on you.