Understanding the Divorce Process When Domestic Violence is Involved

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Divorce can sometimes be a scary and confusing time for anybody, but what about if domestic violence is involved on top of it? Abuse happens to people on many different levels, such as physical, emotional, and psychological abuse. Many factors will help determine what should happen in your divorce. Luckily, we can help you understand the divorce process when domestic violence is involved and what to expect from it.

Understanding Divorce

Divorce is a separation where many factors are determined. This can include important matters like custody of the children, child support, parenting and visitation time, division of assets, alimony, and what happens to personal property and the marital home. If your marriage involved domestic abuse, you may even be able to receive an order for protection from abuse from the judge. The court wants to keep you from further harm even though your marriage will be dissolved from here on out.

There are many types of abuse that can happen during a marriage. This can include threatening to destroy or harm something that is valuable to you, the victim. It can also include causing harm or threatening to harm the children or any animals in the household to “get back at you.” If your marriage involves your children witness abuse, prevents you from having things of your own, or obsessive control, you may be in a domestic violence situation and need help through your divorce, where your spouse can become even more agitated and be more likely to play abuse tactics.

In some cases, there are acts provided by the state that provide fast methods for separating spouses from their abuser by speeding up the divorce process. In some parts of the process, you may also be kept apart from your spouse if the violence is too strong, such as during the mediation process and more. The fact is, every divorce is different. We specialize in these cases and can help you when you need assistance with your divorce – so call us today for more information.