5 Topics to Talk to Your Attorney About When Divorcing

When you first decide to branch out and talk to your divorce attorney, there are a couple of topics that should be first and foremost. Though emotions may be high during your divorce and wondering how to get the best settlement may be at the front of your mind, we want to be there for you when times get tough. There are five major areas that we will focus on.

What to Talk About at the Initial Meeting 

Property: We can help you determine what is marital property, which is the property that you acquired during the course of the marriage. It could include the home, cars, furniture, jewelry, and more. The property, in California, could be subject to division between you and your spouse, so it is important to understand how this works. Because it is important to know what is yours and what is your spouse’s, you should come to your attorney with a list of all property you both own. 

Child Support: The best thing you can do before you meet with your attorney is to compile a list of childcare expenses so that the judge can assess the needs of your children. When you and your spouse go through a divorce, you are still both legally required to provide for your child. This is why it is vital to gather what you can to show the court who will be in charge of providing financial support to the child. 

Spousal Support: Alimony can be a controversial part of divorce and will depend on many factors such as the length of marriage, your ages, your physical and emotional health, standard of living during marriage, and more. There are various types of alimony, from permanent alimony to limited duration, for many reasons such as supporting you when you are attending classes to return to the workforce and more. When you meet with your lawyer, you will discuss your financial needs, career goals, and more.

Child Custody: When child custody is being decided, the judge will decide who gets physical and legal custody of your child. It is imperative that you and your attorney discuss every matter involving your child so that you can find what works for your family. If you have an idea in mind, talk to your attorney about it to find the best course of action on moving forward. 

Documents: Of course, at your first meeting, you will want to bring all documents that play a role in your divorce, from prenup agreements, to powers of attorneys, to financial statements that you deem important. Something may not seem like a big deal, but down the line we can assure you that it will become necessary.

Attorneys are not mind readers, which means that you will have to help your attorney figure out what is best for you. Not every divorce has to be difficult and complicated. We can help you with these matters.