The Top Divorce Myths and Setting the Record Straight

top divorce mythsDivorce can be a challenging thing to go through on its own, and what makes it worse is when we hear things that are not true regarding divorce. It is a good idea to ask a divorce attorney before you move forward with any aspect of your divorce because sometimes you can’t trust what you see online or hear from others. Today we want to focus on the top divorce myths and discuss why they are not true.

Top Divorce Myths 

My ex-spouse has no claim to my assets if they are in my name. There are many laws regarding how property is split, which means there are many factors you have to consider. Any assets that your spouse owns before they are married are considered to be separate property, which means that the other spouse can’t touch them. If you have acquired assets while married, they will be counted as marital assets and will be split accordingly.

The mother will always end up with custody of the children. Some children will end up with their mothers when custody is decided, but this is far from true for all cases. The courts will consider the best interests of the children when they are determining these factors, which means that they will assess the living situations of each parent, take a close look at their income, and look at the relationship that the child has with the parent before they make that decision. The judge wants to keep matters non-disruptive to the child’s life because divorce can be a difficult time for everyone. 

Over 50% of all marriages in the United States will end in divorce. The current rate of divorce is actually 30% and is declining over the years. Many people are waiting longer or choosing not to marry at all. 

Divorce is always an expensive endeavor. Divorce doesn’t always have to break the bank. If you are willing, you and your spouse can always decide to sit down in mediation and come to agreements regarding your divorce to make it as easy as possible in many ways. Nobody says you can’t work together in a peaceful setting.

Now that you know the truth about some of these myths that you might have heard, what will you do with this information? The next time you have a question, you should always take it to your attorney because you never know what they will say. At the Law Office of Soheila Azizi & Associates, we want to help in the midst of your divorce and stand by your side. Call us for more information today.