School Questions: What Needs to be Decided Regarding Custody

school questionsYou might have school questions if you are going through custody but need to make important decisions regarding your child. We want to help answer your questions regarding school so that you can make the best choices moving forward.

School FAQ 

If I’m the custodial parent, can I choose my child’s school? If you share joint legal custody with your ex, you will both need to sit down and decide where you want your child to go to school. If you can’t agree, you might have to return to court on these matters. If you have sole legal custody, then only you need to make that decision.

Can my child attend school online? If you are permitted to make this decision and the school fulfills your state’s requirements for education, then you should be permitted to make this decision for your child. 

If my child attends school in my ex’s district, will this continue? Let’s say that your child goes to preschool in your ex’s school district and lives with him or her most of the time. When the child starts Kindergarten, the child is more likely to attend school in the same district. The court usually likes to stick to the same routine if it works for everybody involved. This is something you want to bring up to your attorney. 

What if we can’t agree on where our child goes to school? The court will help you decide, but you always want to speak to your ex first because it helps to figure out these issues together.

 Is my ex allowed to pick the children up from school? If you have sole custody, then there is a good chance that your ex is not permitted to pick your child up from school. You should have this information listed with the school so that they know what they should and shouldn’t do for your child’s safety.

We want to help you make the best decisions when it comes to your family and the best choices for your child. Let us help you every step of the way. Call us today.