What Responsibilities Does the Custodial Parent Have?

custodial parentWho is the custodial parent in a parenting relationship? This is the parent who shares a home with the child. This means that the parent who is given custodial duties will usually have either primary legal or physical custody, or is the only parent involved in the child’s life for a variety of reasons. However, with being a custodial parent come many responsibilities, which we will discuss today.

Visitation: The custodial parent should always speak to the non-custodial parent about when visitation time is best if the non-custodial parent is permitted time with the child. If the custodial parent thinks that there needs to be a change in the schedule, advance notice should be given so that the parents can work it out or take matters to court.

Child Support: If you receive child support payments from your ex-spouse, you should always keep a good record of them. The court will sometimes make it a requirement to show proof of payments by the other parent.

Communication: If there are important matters to discuss, the custodial parent should always bring these matters up to the non-custodial parent. If you have to deviate from the parenting plan, these are issues that you should discuss together because you may be able to work through them on your own. 

Leaving State: If you decide that you are going to go on vacation or relocate with the child, you probably have to notify the non-custodial parent. You don’t want to leave without notification, because this could lead to an ugly court battle.

Incurring Expenses: If you want to start sending your child to daycare or you are incurring large medical expenses for your child’s care, you want to make sure the other parent knows about it so that they are prepared. If they are not financially ready to help support these ideas, you could run into trouble.

As you can see, as the custodial parent you have many responsibilities and things that you must always consider to make the most out of your parenting relationship. Luckily, we are here to help. If you have questions about your parenting matters, we have answers at the Law Office of Soheila Azizi & Associates. Call us today for more information at 909-484-9992.