Questions You May Have Regarding the Mediation Process

istock-583989228Child custody cases take time and energy on a whole new level, which is why you may want to know some of the best options. Mediation may be the best choice for two parents who believe that they can agree on many of the issues involved with their children. Now you can find out some of the most common questions about the process and whether or not it will work for you.

Child Custody Mediation FAQ

Can my case be mediated? Anything except criminal cases may be a good referral to mediation. This includes anything from business disputes to custody disputes, just like your own. One of the reasons why mediation is chosen over court is because you wish to maintain a relationship with the other party. In custody mediation, you will have the chance to work with a professional and solve issues in a way that is less threatening than appearing in court.

What if I want to choose mediation even though my ex-spouse and I have a bad relationship? Sometimes mediation even works when you and your spouse have a not-so-good relationship. Mediators can sometimes accommodate you in a way where you aren’t in the same room together but an agreement can be worked out.

Should I have an attorney with for mediation? In mediation, you do not need an attorney, but we suggest that you speak to us to offer you advice during the process. An attorney should also be consulted before you agree on settlement.

How long does the process take? Mediation cases only tend to take a day or two. Large, complex claims are usually kept for litigation.

Will the mediation process be fair to both sides? Yes, in many cases you can agree to compromise, which will be fair for both parties. You are free to discuss potential issues in your custody case. You only have to agree to what you consider fair and, if you cannot agree, the case could be forwarded to go in front of a judge.

When you are considering what works best for your custody case, you may feel a bit lost or confused. Because of this, you should speak to an experienced attorney about what works best for you. Call us today for more.