Ways That Parents Tend to Lose Child Custody in Divorce

child custodyHands down, one of the most important things to you in your life is your children. This is why you want to ensure that they are always being properly cared for and that, in divorce, your custody disputes go as smoothly as possible. There are many pitfalls that a parent could experience when they are going through a child custody dispute, which we want to focus on today so that you don’t make any mistakes.

Pitfalls Involved in Child Custody 

Not a Primary Caretaker: One parent in each household is usually the parent who is responsible for taking care of many of the children’s needs. This also tends to be the parent who is given an edge in a custody case and could expect some of the best results. If a parent is spending every moment with the child and cares for their upkeep, they are most likely to demonstrate to the judge that they should have the child most often.

Not Being Active: You should know many things about your child if you are actively involved in their life, from the activities they enjoy to what they are doing in school. If you can’t demonstrate that you know many things about your child or have done things with them, then the courts will not view you as the primary caretaker in your custody situation.

Not Addressing Parental Fitness: If a parent is relying on drugs or alcohol, they will not be seen as a fit parent. The judge in your case will take that seriously and the parent will be evaluated before a decision is made. Just because a parent is relying on substances doesn’t necessarily mean that they will lose out on custody altogether- it just means there will be hoops they need to jump through first.

Disparaging: You want to demonstrate to the court that you want your child to have a proper relationship with both parents. This means that you don’t want to act angry toward the other parent or negatively influence the relationship between that parent and your child. If you are alienating the child, it could interfere with the time that you have with your child. 

Failing to Follow Advice: We know that divorce is stressful and that you might feel alone at times, but you should always rely on help from your attorney. In divorce, your attorney knows that your children are the most important to you, which is why you should have this advocate on your side.

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