What is a Parent Permitted to Pay for With Child Support?

Raising children is not a cheap or easy thing to do. The cost of raising a child is a very expensive thing nowadays. For instance, if you have children in school, you know that it is very expensive to pay for their prom clothing every year, or their yearbooks when that time of the year comes along. You may also have to pay for your child to play a sport, or for their recital clothing if they are in dance or theater. Perhaps your child is of driving age and you have purchased a vehicle for them as well as car insurance. However, these are the “extras,” and not usually the aspects of your child’s life that the court is thinking of when they consider child support in your case. Today we will look at the things that the court does consider, that may help you raise your child in trying times.

What Child Support Covers 

Basic Necessities: Your child needs their basic necessities, such as food, clothing, and shelter needs. Sometimes, parents choose to use their child support payments to buy groceries, snacks, beverages, and more for their children. It can also be used for their clothing needs for school, or to make payments on your mortgage or rent for their shelter needs. 

Medical Care and Expenses: Every child is entitled to medical care, which means that your child’s health insurance could be paid for by the other parent. Their uninsured medical expenses could also be covered by the other parent, especially if there are co-pays you cannot afford yourself or out-of-pocket expenses like eyeglasses and casts when their insurance does not cover them. 

Educational Fees: Not everything that you receive from public education is free. Sometimes, you will have to pay for certain needs like private tutors, textbooks, and uniforms.

Childcare: What happens if both parents work during the week? Childcare is an expensive need. This money can help with aspects like daycare services, babysitters, nannies, and more. 

College Expenses: Sometimes, child support can even cover college expenses as well.

The courts take many factors into consideration when they are determining how much you should receive from child support based on your circumstances. It is important that you talk to us as soon as possible if you have questions about child support or want to move forward with a case. We are waiting to hear from you.