Finding the Other Parent When Filing Child Support

filing child supportAre you a single parent with full custody of your children? You are entitled to child support while you raise your child, especially when you are expected to do mostly everything all on your own. However, you might have problems locating the other parent when you are trying to enforce your order, which could bring a variety of problems. Perhaps your ex is trying to evade orders, which is where we come in to instruct you on how you can find your ex and get started on your order.

Helpful Information

The best way to find a parent is to know information about them, because it can help the courts when it comes to their search. If the other parent is a former spouse of yours, you might already have this information on-hand. Some of the things you might need include:

  • Social Security number
  • Names of parents, friends, and employers
  • Copy of child support order
  • Child’s birth certificate
  • Addresses where they used to live and work

The truth is, if you can’t use any of these methods to find anyone, you may have to move toward doing research on your own. This means that you might have to think about putting the parent’s face on billboards of websites, specifically wanted websites that can help you track them down by the help of others. In some cases, it might be as easy as hiring your own resources like an investigative team, especially when you believe that you have leads.

It seems like there is always information out there to help you find someone, and many people who can help you from a legal standpoint as well. If you are having problems locating the other parent in your relationship, you may need to turn to us for help. We want to help you during this difficult time, so call us today for more information on how to get started.