Liberty and Justice For (Almost) All!

One Nation Under God, Indivisible,
With Liberty and Justice For (Almost) All!

In her early years, our nation faced war, bloodshed and unrest when our founding fathers’ vision of equality and “justice for all” were crushed by the evil practices of slavery and segregation. Now more than two centuries later, the ravages of racial inequality continue to prevent our nation from accomplishing her high destiny and promise of greatness. People of color in America continue to be deeply afflicted by racial prejudice and discrimination hindering their opportunities for a prosperous and dignified life in this land.

While an extensive body of laws is enacted to protect the disenfranchised, the cancer like effects of racial prejudice perpetuate the unequal treatment of the people of color. Inadequate and discriminatory conditions of housing, employment opportunities, health care, education and nutrition, still prevent millions of minorities in America from reaching their full potential. This impedes our nation’s prosperity and hopes of reaching the destiny envisioned for her by the forefathers.

People in America reacted strongly to the shooting incident of the young teen in Ferguson, Missouri, and continue to show increasing frustration with incidents of racial prejudice. Race unity has been, and continues to be, the most challenging issue facing our country. Nothing short of a wholehearted and sustained effort to eradicate the evil of racial inequality can protect our nation from the threat of conflict, division and civil unrest. To reclaim our nation as “one,” aspiring to realize the vision of “liberty and Justice for all,” we must first believe the spiritual truth of our oneness as children of one “God.” With this belief, we must embark upon a campaign to eliminate the old and deep rooted traces of racial prejudice and notions of superiority.

May our actions towards positive change begin with this season of thanksgiving and praise. May each one become worthy of Lord’s Grace by lending a healing hand to the wounds which racial prejudice has inflicted upon this nation. May our nation reach her destiny as the land of “Liberty and Justice for all.” May God Bless America!