June 2015 Law Talk


Let us celebrate every day as the “Race Unity Day!”

iStock_000049288384_LargeSecond Sunday in June has long been celebrated across the world as “Race Unity Day,” (Referenced as “Race Amity Day” prior to 1965). During the Jim Crow era, and before the U.S. Supreme Court announced laws against interracial marriages and antimiscegenation unconstitutional in 1967, “Race Amity” was a general term used to express positive sentiments towards interracial relationships.
Although starting in 1957, “Race Unity Day” was a faith-inspired proclamation by the governing body of the American Baha’i Community, to promote unity of human race, the inherent connotations of fostering interracial harmony and embracing diversity have since been secularized and echoed in many civic arenas.
The American ideals of Democracy, and the promise of liberty and justice for all, continue to inspire millions of people across the globe. Yet the increasing social tension over racial incidents testify to the exigency and magnitude of the unresolved issues about human relations in our country. Not only must we reexamine our laws and policies, but also our attitudes and experiences about our relationships and appreciation of values imbedded in our diversity.
Inspired by many celebrations around the world this month, let us residing in this “microcosm of the diverse populations of the earth” honor the oneness of our human race while celebrating the diversity of its many colors, forms and expressions. Let us start by getting to know our neighbours and appreciating the values they bring to our human experience.
Happy “Race Unity Day” to all!