The Effects of Annulment in Many Aspects of Your Life

You may think that an annulment sounds simple. When it all boils down to it, it is virtually just the legal process that ends a marriage – and in some cases acts like it never happened at all. Many people, as you know, will seek an annulment for a variety of reasons: such as bigamy, a spouse being under the legal age to marry, a spouse being under duress at the time, not having the mental capacity to agree to marriage, and more.

Usually, receiving an annulment is a simple process compared to going through divorce. But, some factors can make it more complicated. For example, what if you have substantial property and children together? This could make it more complicated. This means that you could suffer many more effects of annulment. You may need our help.

Legal Effects of Annulment

effects of annulmentChildren: No matter what, annulment or divorce, the court takes the best interest of the children into consideration. The court will consider this when they are coming up with the best schedule for a child that concerns visitation and legal decisions, child support, and so much more. 

Alimony: Many people believe that, just because they didn’t go through the actual divorce process, they won’t have to worry about alimony. However, this is not true. In California, it is true that you can’t ask for alimony if you are getting an annulment because it acts as if the marriage never existed. However, it is permitted in a variety of other states. 

Property: Even if you are having an annulment, you could find that you share property together and want to know who gets what. If your state does not permit you to decide on who gets what property after an annulment, general property ownership laws will apply to your case.

You want to be prepared to the best of your ability if you are getting started on your annulment. Is this process really for you, or are there too many other complications in your case? This is for you to decide. Call us for more information on how we can assist with your case.