Divorce During Pregnancy: Is it Something You Can Do?

divorce during pregnancy

Any time that you realize that your marriage could be coming to an end is a stressful time. However, divorce during pregnancy is definitely one of the most stressful things you can experience in your life. Ending your marriage while pregnant can open a whole host of issues for you or your spouse, which is why we want to walk you through your options and how this works.

What You Can Do

Before you even go through the research and find an attorney, you should make sure that your state allows for divorce during pregnancy. It is a non-issue in some states, such as California, but other states care about this decision. If your state doesn’t allow for divorce, you can back this up by getting the ball rolling for separation.

One of the biggest things to understand at this time is that you will be dealing with a wide array of emotions and feelings, which means that you should always surround yourself with a support system that is there for you. You might be open to going to a group that focuses on divorce or speaking with friends and family who have been through it. You might even consider going through couple’s counseling with your spouse so that you can work through issues. Even if you decide not to get back together, you might find ways to work together for the sake of the baby and lessen the stress on both of you.

The Co-Parenting Plan

The co-parenting plan is one of the most important aspects in your divorce case. You and your partner should work to create a shared parenting plan that works for you. The baby, when he or she is born, should not spend a lot of time away from the primary caregiver but you will be able to work around many aspects. Both parents will still be able to bond with the child so you must both find a time that works for you while you are creating your plan.

You might be feeling guilty about the divorce because everybody wants a family for their child. You will still have this family and be able to share happy moments with your child knowing that you are not in a relationship that holds you back. Because your case is important to you, you need an attorney on your side who will help you every step of the way in your divorce matters.

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