“Digging up the Dirt” in a Custody Case: How to Gather Evidence

gather evidenceWhen it comes to your custody case, you might wonder how to ‘dig up the dirt.’ Perhaps, after going through the beginning of your custody case, you wonder how you can gather evidence that can be used in your case. Especially in cases where there are many large problems to consider, gathering evidence is of utmost importance.

What You Need to Gather Evidence 

Motion for Disclosure: You might need something known as a ‘motion for disclosure.’ This helps begin the formal discovery process in your custody case. It requires certain information to be disclosed. Perhaps people know certain relevant facts in your case or there are potential third parties who can help. Any documents will be gathered during this stage. 

Interrogatories: Interrogatories and requests for admissions can also help you at times. They are presented to the other parent in your case so that answers can be given under oath. You might ask the spouse questions such as, “Why should you have custody of the child?” Perhaps you are trying to get an admission of something. They can be valuable in your case because it could open up the doors to many bigger issues.

Discovery: Written discovery motions are also very effective ways that you can gather information in your case. If you have a somewhat complicated case, this is also something that can be extremely valuable to you. The parent will give answers under oath and it might even be recorded. This can be helpful when you make it to court.

So, now you have a better idea of how you can gain important information during your custody case. We want to help you every step of the way. Call us to find out how we can be of assistance during this difficult time.