Is There a Difference Between Normal and Military Child Support?

You probably already know how child support works when it comes to your average couple receiving a divorce. But what happens if your ex-spouse is in the military and you have to set child support in motion? This can be a bit more difficult because people in the military may not be as easy to reach when it comes to having a court hearing or a modification of child support. There are also different ways that their wages are handled. Today we will look at some of these aspects

Military Child Support 

military child supportChild support doesn’t stop just because your ex-spouse is in the military. There is such a thing as military child support, because children should never have to go without their many needs. Military courts see it this way: Military parents, like any parents, are supposed to provide ongoing support for their children to ensure that they have the essentials. Child support is usually determined by adding the amount of money your ex makes in the service, determining a monthly income and applying a tax chart, and multiplying this for each child.

Enforcing Military Child Support

Once a support order is in place, it is important to be able to enforce it so that your child receives the support they need. If you have on ongoing divorce case, you will be given a temporary support order. Even if your ex is stationed somewhere else in the U.S. while they are doing their time in the service, you are still able to enforce your order no matter what. If they still refuse to pay, you will have to work through the system of wage garnishment. This is meant to support your child even when the parent hasn’t been keeping up with payments. Sometimes they will take money from your ex out of their paycheck, retirement pay, reserve pay, and civilian employee pay. However, because you may not always be able to reach your spouse to do any of this, you will have to make a complaint to your ex’s superior (such as their commander) to go through with it.

You should always speak to an attorney when you are going through this process, because it may be more complicated than it seems. At the Law Office of Soheila Azizi & Associates, we can help you every step of the way. Your case is important to us.