Custody Battle Tips and How They’ll Help in Your Case

custody battleNobody ever wants their custody court case to become a custody ‘battle,’ but sometimes this is what ends up happening. Sometimes, the details in your court case have deemed it a custody battle because you feel as if you are fighting on your kid’s side and attempting to get the best outcome that is in their best interest. Perhaps you are dealing with a parent who has an unstable lifestyle and you have to protect your children. There are some tips for you to remember during this difficult time.

Custody Battle Tips 

Staying Out of Court: If possible, you should do whatever you can to stay out of court. Yes, you can still have an attorney on your side to make all the important decisions with help that is there for you. You do not have a guarantee that a judge will side with you and there is always a chance that things will get ugly. Mediation might be a better option, so bring this up with your attorney.

All the Right Reasons: Don’t just fight for custody because you are trying to gain leverage and ‘get back at your spouse,’ or because you are jealous of their lifestyle. A good reason to fight for custody is when your children are in danger due to the other spouse.

Controlling Emotions: Your life is under a microscope when you are involved in a custody battle. You don’t want to badmouth your ex in emails or over the phone, and especially not on social media. Things can easily be shared and this could make you look bad when it comes to court. 

Never Alienating: Your children love both of their parents, which is why you should never alienate the other parent from their lives unless there is a real reason to. The court will want both of you to encourage relationships with your children.

No False Allegations: You might accuse your spouse of being abusive even though you know better. This will only hurt your child’s relationship with the parent and will come back to bite you in the future. 

Good Impressions in Court: When you’re dealing with the judge, mediator, or child evaluator in your case, you want to make the best impression. You might not personally want to deal with some of these parties, but you have to be respectful and put your best foot forward for your children.

Documentation: You have to be able to show evidence of specific allegations. If you believe that your ex-spouse is endangering your children, you will need to show it – not just say it.

Many people find themselves in a difficult position when they go through a custody battle. We want to help in your time of need. Call us for more information on how we can help you through this complicated time and help you gain the results you deserve.