Child Support: The Basics and Questions You Might Have

child supportYou might not be well-equipped with all the information you need about child support. Perhaps you want to get started on your order because you know it could be beneficial to your child and family but you need to know more because you’re feeling clueless about the matter. Today we will take a look at what exactly child support is, how orders are created, and how things work if you are an unmarried parent.

The Basics of Child Support 

What is child support? When married parents divorce or separate, or when one unmarried parent has custody of a child, child support might be ordered. Every situation is different when it comes to child support and you might wonder if you can receive child support payments in your case.

Child support is a very important issue to many families, especially because many marriages end in divorce and there is a need for it. The state now takes child supports seriously and take an aggressive stance to ensure that both parents are supporting their child in emotional and financial ways. The family court works on child support matters and will issue an order according to the information that you give at your meeting. They take a variety of matters into consideration such as the custodial parent’s income and the needs of the children.

But what happens in the case of unmarried parents? Firstly, you will always have to establish a father’s paternity before you can move forward with a child support order. Once this is established, they will look at all other factors to determine a payment. This is typically based on a formula.

Are you a parent who is now divorced or you are unmarried and supporting your child? You might wonder how you can get started on your child support order. Luckily, we are here for you every step of the way. Call us for more information.