When a Biological Father wants to Oppose an Adoption

What Are My Options For Getting Rid of Supervised Visitation?A biological father has the right to consent or object to the adoption of your child. However, the problem lies with the fact that a father must first establish paternity if they have not done so already. Because some fathers do not want to commit to help raising a child, they may fail to do so, which gives anybody the right to step in. If a father wants a say in adoption decisions, therefore, they will have to establish paternity to bar somebody else from stepping in before it is too late.

There are many situations where a father may not know that they are the father to a child. This mans that they may automatically be left out of adoption decisions. Courts have stated that, if a father does not know that they are the biological father to a child, they cannot later object to a child’s adoption when it has already been confirmed. This is why, if you are a father who may be the parent of a child, you should always try to establish your parental role as soon as possible.

Does the Father Play a Parental Role? 

However, it does not just end at establishment of parentage. Unmarried fathers must also make a commitment to provide needs to the child, such as meeting material and emotional requirements. This requirement varies by the courts, who will look at everything the father has done to form a parental relationship, such as making themselves available and seeking recognition of parentage on a legal level. If you are a father who has not supported the child emotionally or financially, have abused drugs, or who has other issues going on in your life, you may be denied this right.

A father who may have rights can object their child’s adoption by another father at any time. However, based on your unique circumstances, you should speak to an attorney who is well versed in these laws. Call us today for more.