How Do You Best Prepare for a Child Support Hearing?

Here’s everyone’s fear: They’re going to walk into a child support hearing completely uninformed or unprepared, and get results they didn’t want. The truth is, there are many aspects that go into child support, which is why you want to do it right. This is why it always helps to speak with a family law attorney about the steps that will help you get results you and your family deserve. Today we will discuss the steps it takes to prepare for your child support hearing.

The Steps 

Check the Mail: You want to have correct information when it comes to every step of this process. This is why, when you receive mail from your lawyer, your ex’s lawyer, or the courts, you should always read everything thoroughly so you know what to expect, or what to dispute. If you have to take action and file your income as well as other documentation, do not wait! It’s imperative that you pay attention during this part of the process. 

No Manipulation: Never manipulate information to change your case for the better. You should be truthful on every form because, if you aren’t, they will find out and it will lead to consequences. This includes over-reporting your financial needs to attempt to get more support. This will not look good when you go in front of a judge if there is a dispute. 

Never Arrive Late: You should always attend every hearing, of course, and show up on time as well. Get there early if you have to, so that you’re ready to leave the best impression on the judge in charge of your case. Take the time to breathe when you get there and think about your plan of action. 

Never Stray: Do not talk about subjects that have nothing to do with child support. Child support and child custody are two entirely different subjects, and you do not want to mix them in front of the judge. Playing the game of distractions never helps your case. 

Be Realistic: The courts will look at all information you supplied and determine what is in your best interests based on guidelines for the state. If you believe that information your ex contributed is false, you should always say something. If your ex has a small income, you won’t receive much, and you can’t be disappointed when this happens. The court will always do their best to fit the needs of your family as a whole.

No matter what happens regarding child support, we are here for you. If you are struggling with your case and aren’t sure where to turn, give us a call. We will help you through the confusing parts and help you get the best result.