Benefits of a Parenting Agreement and How They Work for You

signing willIn many cases, child custody cases no longer make it to the courtroom because a settlement is agreed before it gets the chance. Often times, this is due to negotiations between the parents or parties through something known as a parenting agreement. The parenting agreement should include things like where the child will live, visitation schedules, who will be involved in major decisions regarding the child, where the child will spend holidays, and how contact between other family members will be handled.

Benefits of Parenting Plans

Parenting plans are based on the routines of a family, so of course they will be helpful in this manner. Because parents may be feeling stressed during a divorce and this can cause the child to feel negative thoughts, it is essential that a parenting plan is perfectly tailored to meet the needs of the child and both parents, as it can decrease the stress in the parenting relationship.

The main benefit to these agreements is the fact that children will have the stability they need in all aspects of their life. They can continue with their day-to-day routine with many aspects of their lives, such as when they will see certain family members, how disputes will be settled before it touches the life of the child, and where they will go during Christmas, Thanksgiving, and other holidays. These matters are important to a family and establishing routine helps everybody involved.

When a Parenting Agreement is Violated

Unfortunately, with many things in family law, sometimes slip-ups occur. What happens when a parenting agreement is violated, even though it was approved by the courts? The parenting agreement is a formal agreement, so the court will hold a hearing and the judge will ask questions about what occurred. They will speak to both parents about the matter and how to move forward and enforce the agreement as it appears.

Parenting agreements save families from stress in many cases. Because of this, you should give us a call today to handle your case and help you form an agreement that will work for you. We are there to listen to your matters and support you during your time of need.