Should I Have an Attorney for Establishing Child Support?

When it comes to child support, the help is out there so that no child gets left behind when it comes to finances to care for them. Child support is a way for a custodial parent to receive money from their ex-spouse or partner that helps them care for their children in every aspect, from shelter to clothing, to food. Every state makes it easy to initially file for child support by implementing applications at local child support offices. These services are free to those who need them. But what if you have more diverse questions concerning child support or issues that call for an attorney? The help is here.

Hiring an Attorney for Child Support Matters 

Hiring an attorney for your child support matters is always an intelligent thing to do when there are other important matters involving your child. For example: If you are going through divorce or have custody issues to figure out, it’s probably true that you will also turn to your attorney for child support matters also, right? Your attorney can help you with a wide range of issues all at once, helping you realize what will work best when making your case.

Your attorney can help you with many aspects of child support, from the complex process of filing paperwork, to getting a final child support order after a hearing. You may find some of these aspects difficult, especially when you have to show proof of income and other expenses that could have an effect on your case. A lawyer can also help you locate your ex if you don’t have any idea of where they’re living or determine what financial information it pays to have on them. An attorney can also help you enforce your order by helping you through garnishment orders if they are refusing to pay, or filing contempt so you can get the support your children rely on.

As you can see, some aspects of child support can be handled on your own. But often times, it helps having an attorney on your side when you need to turn to someone who understands the legalities of these cases. We can help you through every aspect of your case. Call us for more information.