What Should I Expect to Happen After the Divorce Process?

Frustrated Mother Suffering From Post Natal DepressionThere are many parts to the divorce process, such as service, discovery, experts, pretrial matters, and even the big day: trial. However, the thing that many people do not understand is that, after your day in court, divorce continues in other ways. The process is still not over like you may have expected, and you must realize what is yet to come. We can help you understand what happens after divorce, such as receiving the order, carrying out the rulings, and the emotional aspects you may face.

Rulings and Orders

The judge may give rulings at the end of trial, or may schedule for you to come back another day. After the ruling comes the order, which is made up for both spouses so they know what they must follow. Orders may speak of many issues following the divorce, such as how property, spousal support, and custody will now be handled. You and your attorney can speak about these matters if you believe that there must be an appeal on anything. If you do not object to the rulings, then you are forfeiting your right to appeal.

However, after the ruling and the order, you are still not finished. If you choose not to appeal on either end, then you must follow through with the rulings. This means that many things will take place: Division or refinance of property, a new deed to the marital home prepared, visitation arrangements put into effect, and more. These may lead to many changes as you realize that you will have to get finances in order and learn how to parent with your ex-spouse.

Handling the Emotional Toll 

Divorce is a journey, and not one that many spouses enjoy taking. Legal changes have nothing to do with your identity and who you were before divorce, and who you are now. Because of this, you will have to adjust to an all-new healing process. This means finding hope in new things you want to try as a result of the divorce, as well as finding strength in yourself and reconnecting with people from your past that you may have had a strain with due to a marriage that was not working. These are things to consider on an emotional level.

If you are going through divorce, choose an attorney who can help you every step of the way. Luckily, we have the experience to handle your case from a physical and mental standpoint and can put you in the right state of mind to handle your divorce. Call us today for more information.