I Can’t Afford Divorce, Who Will Pay the Legal Expenses?

legal expensesThe cost of divorce can get somewhere around the range of thousands of dollars, and this thought might scare you. Many couples run into a lot of financial issues as they are tracking the legal expenses of divorce. The reason why divorce tends to be so expensive is because it is a time-consuming process. Attorneys spend hours planning for their appearance and their hourly rates can add up when you’re investing a lot of time in your divorce due to the many issues that need solved.

Who Pays if I Can’t?  

If you aren’t able to pay, you simple aren’t able to pay – there’s no other question about it. In most states, there is a common agreement that you are responsible for paying your own legal fees and all costs in the divorce. However, if one spouse makes a greater amount than you, you might find that the other spouse is going to have to take care of some of your legal fees. Your higher-earning spouse will probably go and retain a top-notch attorney, which is why the court would see it as unfair if you couldn’t afford your own. Many states will prevent the playing field from being vastly unfair by making the spouse pay for your fees and litigation costs so that you can get the fair settlement you deserve.

If you hold assets all on your own that your spouse does not own as joint property, you might be able to cash these in to get the help you deserve paying for your attorney as well. No matter what, the options are out there and you will never be on your own when it comes to facing the judge or going to settlement on your divorce matters. We want to help you every step of the way when it comes to your divorce. Call us for more information on how we can help in your time of need.