Adoption Procedures: What Happens From a Legal Level

If you are looking into the adoption process, you have to look at things from a legal level and consider adoption procedures. There are many basic procedures used in many types of adoption. This ranges everywhere from consent to adoption, to an investigation of adoptive parents, to a court process and more.

Basic Adoption Procedures

adoption proceduresConsent to Adoption: If you want your adoption to be legal, the birth parents must consent to adoption, unless it has otherwise been decided by the court. Usually, states will tell you that you can’t consent to adoption until after the baby is born, which could include many weeks to months later. This is because parents will sometimes change their mind about these aspects.

Investigation: The parents who want to adopt will usually go through an investigative process to ensure that they are fit to raise a child. The study is conducted by a state agency or licensed social worker. They will look at many aspects, such as the home life of the parent and more. This includes the financial stability, lifestyle, and more in regards to the adoption.

Court: Lastly, the court process will dictate a parent’s ability to adopt a child. The adoption petition will be filed with the help of your attorney according to various laws and written consent will be given by birth parents. There will be an adoption hearing, which will help determine if the adoption is in the best interests of the child and the order will be finalized if a judge if it is seen fit.

When you are going through any aspect of this process, it is important to speak to an attorney about your case. You should always have an attorney to represent you at your hearing, especially because there are many complex laws involved in this process. Give us a call to find out how we can help with many adoption matters. We want to stand by your side during this time.