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Handling Social Security Disability Claims, Medi-cal, and Medicare Issues

If you have been off work for one year or longer because of a medical condition, you may qualify for monthly SSD retroactive payments and medical insurance. Unfortunately, though, a very high percentage of initial SSDI claims are denied because of minor mistakes and confusion about medical records and reports. Filing a successful benefit claim can be complex, time consuming, and frustrating. We are here to help from the initial filing of your claim.

Servicios del intérprete disponibles  Consultation about your Social Security Disability claim No fees unless you receive money for your Social Security Disability claim

The attorneys at Soheila Azizi & Associates, P.C. in Rancho Cucamonga, California, handle everything about your SSDI, Medi-cal, Medicare, and other disability insurance claims. From initial investigation of the disability, to gathering all the required records and filing accurate forms on time, you can depend on us with confidence.

How do you know if your disability will qualify?

Not every injury or disability will make you eligible to receive money from SSDI or other long-term disability insurance plans. We offer a consultation to discuss your claim. We will explain how disability benefit plans work, and we will explain our contingency fee payments. When you are ready to start filing your claim, doesn’t it make sense to take advantage of an opportunity in which you have nothing to lose?

This is a partial list of qualifying disabilities

• Many types of cancer and other diseases
• Back injuries
• Neck injuries,
• Hand/wrist injuries
• Heart disease
• Neurological disorders
• Amputations
• Multiple Sclerosis

Denied SSDI claims and appeals

In addition to initial claims, our lawyers have the experience to handle claims that have been denied or delayed for further investigation or records. Talk with us about your claim. We will review the facts and your original files. We will give you an honest assessment of whether an appeal is likely to result in money benefits. If you have a legitimate claim that just needs more work, we will handle the re-application on contingency. You do not pay us until the government pays you.

We offer compassionate, supportive, and effective representation in Social Security matters. To arrange an initial consultation with a California Social Security disability lawyer, please contact us right away.