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Why People Commonly Don’t File Medical Malpractice Claims

Medical form with words Medical Malpractice and gavel.At The Law Office of Soheila Azizi & Associates, we understand that medical malpractice claims are sometimes difficult to prove. Without being able to prove negligence, it is difficult to say that you have a claim at all when medical malpractice was at play in a variety of subjects: nursing home neglect, misdiagnosis, surgery errors, to mothers going through the birthing process, and more.

When Medical Malpractice Causes us Injury 

Let’s take a look at a scenario: You depend on your doctor for many different things. However, you are misdiagnosed for a disease and do not seek treatment in time, and now you have serious illness as a result that may affect you for the rest of your life. When you depend on a healthcare professional, you are vulnerable as you are placing your entire life in the hands of this professional. The results can be disastrous when you are not treated properly. As a result, many people will turn to the courts to receive compensation and recover costs associated with the injuries or illness. Howev However, the majority of patients do not file a claim for their injuries or illnesses, and there are many reasons for this.

Why Claims Never Get Filed 

Not Knowing: Sometimes people do not know that an error has been made, so the claim never gets filed. Many healthcare professionals fail to tell patients that they are responsible for mistakes as well, which means that patients are never truly informed of their options.

Intimidation: People are constantly intimidated by the medical malpractice claim process. The legal process as well as filing a lawsuit on your doctor could be extremely intimidating for many.

Lack of Funds: Many people think that you need to spend millions of dollars to get the results you want out of your case. Luckily for you, you have options and we can help you through your case and help you get the results you deserve. So call us at The Law Office of Soheila Azizi & Associates for more information on how we can play an important role in your claim and get you these results!