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Why an Attorney Should Handle Your Elder Abuse Case

If a loved one you know has been abused in a nursing home setting, you may feel lost and helpless as you fight for their rights. However, these cases are not always simple and it can take time to solve these cases, battling harsh emotions along the way. This is where we come in, to help you in your time of need and help you and your loved one get the results you deserve after they have suffered abuse at the hands of a caretaker. Why is it important to have an attorney on your side?

The Reality of Abuse Cases 

The truth is, elder abuse happens every day in nursing homes across the United States, and California is of course affected as well. There are various types of abuse to elders, starting with physical abuse, which can sometimes result in injury, pain, and impairment of the elder person. Emotional or psychological abuse is extremely common, which causes emotional pain, distress, and anguish. There are many other types of abuse, such as sexual abuse, neglect, financial exploitation, and so much more – and if your loved one has fallen victim, you may turn to us for help.

It is important to have an attorney on your side for the emotional aspects, first and foremost. We are equipped to handle the high tension and emotions that you may feel and are able to work with elderly or disabled adults, which is what you need in these harrowing times when difficulties are present. We understand nursing home resident rights and help you file nursing home claims in your time of need.

If you believe that you need an elder abuse attorney in your case, there may be some questions for us. You may wonder what percentage of our firm is dedicated to elder law, if we study certain areas, and how you should prepare for your first meeting. These are things we can help you understand as well as walk you through when we get to speak about your case. If you have a loved one who is a victim of elder abuse, we want to speak with you as soon as possible. Give us a call to handle your case.