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When 50/50 Custody in Divorce is Right or Not Right for You

Mother and daughter reading on laptop.50/50 custody schedules are some of the most complicated schedules to form, because being there for a child 100% of the time when you share perfectly even custody can be difficult. Some parents are dedicated to a variety of things already, from caring for multiple children from a new marriage, to work schedules. Because of this, the court wants you to consider a schedule based on one goal: to create a meaningful relationship with children, while being mindful to work-life demands and the other time constraints of life.

Sometimes, it is found that 50/50 custody creates the greatest degrees of conflict. There may be a lot of animosity between parents who are now divorced and going through new walks of life, but have to keep in touch constantly with the stress of ongoing parenting in the background. Thus, courts would rather you come up with an agreement that works for both of you without the competition of gaining 50/50. The sharing of care over your children will allow for more of a meaningful relationship with them in the long run.

Alternating Weeks

One of the most popular, working 50/50 custody plans is having alternating weeks – which means that one parent would have a week with the child, and then the other parent would have the next week. Usually, the exchange would be done sometime through the week around 3:00 and you can pick any day of the week for the exchange, that works for both parents. If you or the other parent believe that a whole week without the child is frustrating or upsetting, you can add a midweek visit to the other parent during the week, and likewise for the next week. You may be able to offer an overnight throughout the week as well, but ensuring that the other parent is treated fairly in the matter as well.

There are many custody plans that work best for parents and children based on the schedules of all. Remembering these schedules and working together will help you arrive at the best outcome. Call us today so we can help you with your divorce case.