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Family Law

Family law issues are not just about resolving your legal issue today, our focus on family law involves maintaining the integrity of the family during a devastating emotional and legal process and building a solid foundation upon which new lives and relationships may be built.


Mediation gives divorcing couples more control over the outcome. When there are few contested issues to resolve, mediation makes economic and emotional sense. It is a good option for parents who want to resolve their differences with a minimum amount of friction between parties.

Civil Litigation

Soheila Azizi & Associates are experienced in all areas of civil litigation and represent clients involved in legal disputes. Civil litigation concerns relationships between individuals as opposed to criminal matters that are between individuals and society. Such cases usually result from a breach of duty towards another due to negligence or carelessness, and the courts allow individuals to sue for performance or damages.

Inland Valleys Justice Center – Soheila Azizi, Esq.
Mediation Arbitration Service Provider

Lawsuits are integral to our system of law, but they can also be messy. They take time out of your life, money from your wallet, and add stress to lives already full of enough apprehension.

Next time you find yourself in a legal plight that leaves you contemplating a lawsuit, consider your options in lawsuit mediation. Lawsuit mediation–involving direct negotiation or assisted mediation–is a pre-trial method to get the parties to agree to a mutually acceptable resolution, but before you even get to this stage, it’s often helpful, and effective, to seek compromise directly from the other party.

Attorney Soheila S. Azizi is an experienced and trained mediator in the areas of civil litigation and family law. There is nothing more empowering than to be able to participate in your own dispute resolution and to be able to offer input and actually take control in the outcome of your case. We encourage you to give mediation, an early case assessment a chance.

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