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When You Are an Unemployed Mother Going Through Divorce

Despair girl humiliated on internetWhen you are a stay at home mother and you choose to go the route of divorce with your spouse, you may have questions. Many women may find themselves in a concerning position, as finances may be tight and alarming. Some of the questions you may ask is: Can I stay in my house? Will I be able to pay off any debt? Will I be able to receive any type of spousal support as a way to afford our needs? These are very realistic questions, as divorce separates everything between you and your spouse. Now one house becomes two separate houses. 2 insurance plans, 2 separate sets of bills. However, you should be aware of the fact that you have rights when you’re going through divorce, no matter your situation.

When the Divorce is Still Pending 

Though it doesn’t hurt to look into options for how you will support yourself while the divorce is pending, usually judges will not force you to seek gainful employment while this is happening. A couple’s financial situation is best when it remains the status quo during the divorce process, as to not introduce any complicated situations. The earning spouse should continue as usual when making payments to mortgages and other bills. In some cases, the judge may also give you temporary spousal support to keep yourself afloat during this time.

Alimony as a Rehabilitative Measure 

Usually, if you are young and have not received much of an education thus far, the judge may offer alimony as a way to support you even after the divorce is complete. It really depends on your unique circumstances as well as which state you reside in. This income will support you until you go back to school or otherwise develop the skills to gain a job in the future and get back to supporting yourself as necessary. If you have received an education, alimony may continue until you are able to gain a job in your particular field.

When Long-Term Alimony Becomes Necessary

When a husband has been with a wife for 10 years or more, long-term alimony may be accepted. Some states refer to this as permanent alimony, even though it technically has an end at some point. Until you remarry or the husband of the relationship dies, it could be recommended depending on your situation. Much of this will depend on the compassion of the judge.

Because understanding how alimony works for a stay at home mom can be a trial in itself, it is important to speak to a specialized attorney. Call us today for more information on how we can help.