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Who Are the Responsible Parties in a Birth Injury Lawsuit?

Pregnancy, Sore, Swollen AnklesMedical malpractice claims are extremely serious, especially when your child’s life is at-risk from the injuries. No parent expects to have to file a lawsuit after the birth of their child but, unfortunately, this is sometimes what happens if negligence was involved. Now we will help you identify the parties that may be responsible for your injuries and help you better understand your case.

Hospital Liability

One of the major responsible parties in a medical malpractice case is the hospital. Hospitals are either public or private, which may be an important factor when liability in your birth injury case is being considered. You may be able to find a hospital directly liable or vicariously liable, which means that they are responsible for another, or someone who works there. As you know, there is a variety of personnel that work in hospitals – from physicians to assistants, to nurses and nurse practitioners.

Hospitals are in charge of many aspects when it comes to their employees. For one, they are directly responsible for ensuring that they have hired somebody who is trained and licensed. Hospitals are also in charge of ensuring that there are enough registered nurses on duty for the patients in the facility. You can also bring a suit and hold a hospital liable for failing to protect patients from harm. In the case of a birth injury, this may be a very vital factor.

Pharmaceutical Company Liability

Manufacturers of drugs can also be held liable for injuries. For instance, what if there was a drug that carries risks when it is given to a woman during pregnancy? It is a manufacturer’s duty to give warnings on this information, especially in cases where a drug is unreasonably dangerous. Physicians also retain the duty to ensure that pregnant women understand the risks associated with taking a specific drug.

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