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When the Other Parent Interferes With Your Parenting Time

When you are going through a divorce, the last thing you want is to involve your children in a negative fashion. It’s nice to be involved in a divorce where both parents can talk about the serious issues without letting it get between them as parents. However, when parents want to act in a retaliatory fashion or talk badly about another parent in front of their child, a thing called “interference” occurs, and your parenting time and more can be compromised.

The Differences Between Direct and Indirect Interference 

Two types of interference sometimes take place between divorcing parents: direct and indirect interference.

Direct: Direct interference takes many forms, but usually occurs when a parent prevents a child from seeing the other parent in a custodial relationship. Sometimes these cases end up as drastic as one parent taking the child out of state and keeping them from the other parent.

Indirect: Indirect interference can happen in a variety of ways, too, such as when one parent will not allow a parent and child to talk to one another on the phone, or when one parent enlists in their child “spying” on the other parent and reporting back to them with specific information.

What the Court Says 

parenting timeWhen parental interference has occurred and your parenting time has been significantly reduced due to another parent’s actions, the court could take action to help you get back in your child’s life in a positive way. This could mean ordering “make up” parenting time, having the other parent pay for counseling, imposing fines that the other parent must pay, or changing aspects of the parenting time order to ensure that you and your child have enough time together on a weekly basis.

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