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Mediation Myths: What You Absolutely Need to Know

At The Law Office of Soheila Azizi & Associates, we believe that mediation is sometimes the best way to resolve divorce matters, depending on the situation. Today we will look at a variety of myths that are sometimes visited when people are considering mediation, which may talk them out of the process. We want you to see mediation from all angles, so we will help you understand the facts and how the process works.

Myths and Facts 

One spouse will get all the power in mediation. With a good mediator in charge, no spouse will dominate the other. Mediation helps keep everything equal in divorce. If one spouse is asking for everything, mediation will cease until the issue is solved.

Women will always receive the best outcome in mediation. This is not true, because it is kept equal on both sides. Mediation is all about negotiation on both sides, which means that it can be stopped when it is unfair. 

Mediation is a stressful hassle, more so than divorce. There is always a bit of stress in divorce, from gathering documents to making important decisions. The courts can sometimes make this process more difficult, which is why mediation may actually be the most preferred way to handle your divorce. 

Mediation leads to a longer divorce process. Mediation is usually a shorter experience than divorce. Hiring lawyers and sitting through trial can be the most time-consuming process. 

The mediator will always try to dictate what is fair. The mediator actually can’t make decisions for you. They can only help you negotiate between one another in a way you both believe is fair.

Every spouse should engage in mediation. Mediation, in fact, is not for everyone. If you and your spouse can communicate properly, then it is a process that may work for you. However, if there are domestic violence or substance abuse issues present, it is not a good route to take, and court should be considered.

As you can see, mediation is sometimes a great process that opens new opportunities for spouses who are going through divorce. It is a streamlined process that could work for you if you meet the standards and have support on your side. Call us to be the support system you need, as we have experience in mediation cases and can offer you the help you deserve.