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Domestic Violence on the rise during Covid-19

With a lot of cities enforcing the “Stay at Home” mandates there is a lot more risk for victims to being trapped in a home with their abusers.

During this pandemic many people are loosing their jobs, financially struggling and being told to stay home all of this has caused an increase in Domestic Violence Abuse. It has also cause a concern that victims will not be able to access help due to Covid-19. Because they would be on constant surveillance from their abuser. Or shelters being closed, resources limited due to social distancing. Fear of going to a hospital because they can get Covid-19. Having children or elderly parents to care for and not being to do it financially would lead a victim to stay.

So what options do victims have? what resources are still available? If I am hurt can I go to the E.R.? Will I be at risk of getting Covid-19 if I do? What happens to my kids if they come with me?

All of these are valid concerns any victim will have during a time of uncertainty. So lets break things down.

All resources are still available: You can call 1-800-799-SAFE (7233) for the National Domestic Violence Hotline. You can also call L.A. County’s hotline at 1-800-978-3600.

Although shelters might be full, and due to social distancing they might be admitting less people you will not be turned away and you will get help.

If you are injured please call 911, or go to the E.R. a domestic violence representative can aid you in finding a safe place for you and assist you all via phone or video conferencing.

If have any questions about restraining orders we can help! At the Law Office of Soheila Azizi & Associates, P.C. we can walk you through all your options and help you get out. We have helps victims of crimes for over three decades and we stand ready and committed to representing you during this crisis. Contact us Today!