Do you still have to pay child support if you go bankrupt?

In this new day in age there is a common misconception that if you file for bankruptcy you are free of all your debt. There reality is different, not all debt is removed when you file for bankruptcy.

When dealing with child support that is an obligation you have regardless if you file for bankruptcy. if you have an outstanding child support debt filing for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy will not wipe it out.

Your child support debt does not go away when you file bankruptcy, it also does not interrupt the bankruptcy process. In fact if you cannot afford to make your child support payment based on all the debt you have this can help free some of that up and allow you to make your payments.

Best way to ensure that you are taking care of all your debt even after you file for child support is to get in touch with an experienced attorney. Child support can be tricky and having all the information. The Law Office of Soheila Azizi and Associates, P.C. can help you.