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When You Have to Choose a Guardian For Your Child: An FAQ

When a child’s parents are dead or incapacitated, it can sometimes turn into an emergency situation. The court wants somebody to be there for the children under the circumstances, and if a parent did not choose a guardian already, this can become a complicated matter. Today we will go over some of the aspects that are considered when choosing a guardian for a child, in an easy-to-understand FAQ.


What are some considerations you must make on an emotional level? It is imperative for the guardian to be somebody who shares goals, values, and parenting style with the parents of the child. Sometimes the emotional benefits outweigh the other benefits. Even if somebody is not as financially stable as the parents once were, it is still worth pursuing if they offer stability in other ways.

What should be considered as far as the length of time the guardian will be in charge? A guardian should be somebody who can raise and be responsible for the child all the way through to their adulthood, as well as sustain good health. If there are factors involved that limit a person’s life expectancy or ability to parent, then they may not be the best choice available to have responsibility over the child.

How should character considerations come into play? If the court would not approve of someone as a guardian, then you should likely reconsider. Do not choose somebody who has a criminal record, or suffers from drug or alcohol abuse.

How can an attorney help? When you and the guardian have made a final decision, it helps to take these matters to the court. This is where an attorney comes in to help. We can help you draft necessary documents to make your guardianship situation official. It is important to look at all of these aspects when a guardian is being chosen for a child. We understand how important your case is to you and will help you every step of the way.